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Orford and Triabunna hit with stricter water restrictions as TasWater battles low supply

Pulse Tasmania
Stricter water restrictions for Tasmania's east coast as TasWater battles low supply. Image / Stock

Low rainfall and warm weather have pushed parts of Tasmania’s east coast into stricter, stage two water restrictions as water supplies continue to be impacted.

TasWater says recent rain meant restrictions were able to be delayed for a short period, but a dry forecast means stage two measures will impact Orford and Triabunna from Monday.


“Stage two water restrictions are still focused outside of the home and introduce further changes such as allocated days for watering gardens and sports grounds, but with the watering of lawns no longer permitted,” TasWater’s Callan Paske said.

“This will mean a change to the routines of some residents, but these changes will significantly boost the amount of water available in the system.”

Henderson Dam. Image / TasWater

People in Whitemark on Flinders Island are also being told to watch their water usage and check for leaks as levels at Henderson Dam remain low.

“We are now at a point in Whitemark where the water usage remains high, which is putting pressure on Henderson Dam,” Paske said.

Henderson Dam. Image / TasWater

“With no major rain forecast this means the dam level has reached a point where water needs to be conserved.”

The company hopes to make a decision this week on water restrictions in the area, but says stage one measures are likely to be required from Monday, April 29.


“We know our climate is changing and recent data has shown in the last six years Australia has experienced three of its hottest summers since records began,” Paske said.

“We constantly monitor local conditions and once we’ve seen consistent rain and strong river flows, we will move quickly to lift restrictions.”

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