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Tasmania icy blast: Roads closed, driving treacherous as temperatures plummet

Picture of Pulse Tasmania
Icy blast: Roads closed, driving treacherous as temperatures plummet. Image / Pulse

Freezing conditions have left a thick layer of ice and frost across Tasmania, causing havoc for emergency services and making driving conditions treacherous.

Police have issued caution warnings for over 50 roads, urging drivers to be extra vigilant, especially those travelling to and from the West Coast.


Temperatures plummeted below zero overnight, with Liawenee reaching a -10.5°C, Butlers Gorge -6.2°C, Fingal -5.3°C and Launceston Airport and Cressy both dipping to -4.5°C.

The cold snap is expected to continue throughout the morning, with the Bureau of Meteorology forecasting a maximum of 12°C in Launceston and 11°C in Hobart.

The Great Lake Hotel at Miena in the snow. Image / Pulse (File)

Road closures

  • Atkinson Road, Grindlewald: Skyline Avenue to the West Tamar Highway
  • Paradise Road, Sheffield: Closed due to ice

Roads impacted by ice and/or snow

  • Anthony Road: Between Zeehan and Tullah – Thick ice patches
  • Arthur Highway: Forcett area – Patchy ice
  • Batman Highway: Ice patches on the bridge
  • Belvior Road, Cradle Mountain: Ice patches – 4WD vehicles only, observe 40kph signs
  • Blessington Road: Corra Linn bridge – Ice patches
  • Cethana Road: Olivers Road and Moina – Ice patches
  • Colebrook Road/Mud Walls Road: Icy patches throughout
  • Cradle Mountain/Dove Lake: Frost from welcome sign to Peppers Lodge (500m)
  • East Tamar Highway: Near Dalrymple Road – Heavy ice, extreme caution
  • Elephant Pass Road: Between Mount Elephant Road and Dalmayne Road – Icy patches
  • Fingerpost Road: Patchy ice throughout
  • Forth Road: Forth hotel to top of hill – Ice patches
  • Frankford Road: Exeter to Saxons Creek, Bakers Beach Road to Wallaby Creek – Ice patches
  • Grasstree Hill Road: Icy patches throughout
  • Highland Lakes Road:
    • Apsley to Miena – Patchy ice
    • Brodies Road to Marlborough Highway – Extreme caution due to ice
  • Huon Highway: Sandfly to Grove – Ice
  • Lake St Clair Road: Icy patches throughout
  • Lake Dobson Road: Heavy ice, extreme caution for slippery conditions
  • Lake Leake Highway: Heavy frost between Tasman Highway and Midland Highway
  • Launceston City Council Roads:
    • Bald Hill Road
    • Gorge Road
  • Lilydale Road: Rocherlea to Prossers Road – Ice patches
  • Lyell Highway:
    • Hamilton Hill to Derwent Bridge – Patchy ice
    • Collingwood River to Derwent Bridge – Light frost, ice detected from Taffeys Bridge to Mt Arrowsmith
    • Macquarie Heads to Collingwood River – Light frost, Gormanston Hill, Ice Donghues Hill
  • Marlborough Road: Icy patches throughout
  • Massey-Greene Drive: Ice patches
  • Meader Valley Road: Ice patches, Prospect to Deloraine
  • Midland Highway: Constitution Hill and Spring Hill – Icy patches
  • Mole Creek Road/Liena Road/Mersey Forest Road: Ice patches at the ‘Needles’, ice detected from Caravan Park to Mayberry
  • Murchison Highway:
    • Anthony Road intersection to Somerset – Ice detected 15km south of Yolla to Highclere turnoff, patchy ice from top of Gorge to Fingerpost, ice detected from Fossy River to Cradle turn off
    • Zeehan intersection to Cradle Mountain intersection – Heavy ice patches at Animal Creek to Cradle turn off
    • Cradle Mountain intersection to Somerset – Frost from Choveaux Road to Harnetts Road, Hellyer Gorge, Hellyer River Bridge to Parwee, Wandle River Bridge to Guilford intersection, Tupsley Creek to Moory Road
  • Olivers Road: Mt Roland lookout to Lemonthyme power station, Mersey Valley lookout to Mersey River Bridge
  • Poatina Road: Highland Lakes Road to Poatina village
  • Ridgley Highway: Burnie to Highclere – Ice patches
    • Highclere to Fingerpost – Ice detected Hellyer River to Wander
  • River Road: Latrobe to East Devonport – Ice patches
  • Sheffield Road/Claude Road: Ice detected between Nook Road and winery
  • Southern Outlet: Both directions between Hobart and Kingston – Heavy ice patches
  • Tarkine Tourist Road: Ice patches
  • Tasman Highway:
    • Orielton to Buckland – Icy patches throughout
    • Heavy ice patches in whole north east, particularly between Branxholm and Scottsdale, also on the Sideling. Frost patches from Pyengana to Moorina and St Helens to Goshen – Ice patches
  • Tunnack Road: Ice throughout
  • Waratah Road: Ice patches from Fingerpost to Waratah. Ice detected Waratah Shop to Arthur River
  • West Tamar Council Area: Icy roads including:
    • Priestleys Lane, Frankford
    • Notley Hills Road, Bridgenorth
    • Reatta Road, Trevallyn
    • Bridgenorth Road, Bridgenorth
    • Holwell Road (off Frankford Road)

Data by Tasmania Police as of 9am Sunday, July 7.

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