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Eastern Hobart and Launceston top list of postie dog attack hotspots

Picture of Pulse Tasmania
A small dog attacking a postman. Image / Stock

Areas of Tasmania’s north and south have been identified as the state’s hotspots for postie dog attacks, with a combined 16 incidents reported in the last six months.

According to Australia Post data, the eastern shore of Hobart and Launceston are the most dangerous areas for posties in the state.


The government-owned company is urging dog owners to properly secure their pets, as more than 55 posties are falling victim to dog-related incidents each week.

Despite pleas for more action from dog owners, over 1,420 dog-related incidents have occurred nationwide in the past six months.

An Australia Post postman in Tasmania. Image / Pulse (File)

While no single dog breed is more likely to attack than another, Australia Post reports that smaller dogs increasingly show aggressive behaviour.

According to the data, 34% of incidents occurred on the street, with dogs accompanied by their owners making up 8% of those incidents.

An Australia Post postman in Tasmania. Image / Pulse (File)

“Australia Post is calling on dog owners to take responsibility for their pets,” General Manager of Safety and Wellbeing Rod Maule said.

“Customers must understand that for many posties, it can be stressful or triggering knowing that your delivery round may involve a dog that shows aggressive behaviour.”


“Our team members just want to be able to deliver for our customers, without being attacked, harassed, or chased by dogs.”

He said posties will not make a delivery if it is unsafe for them to do so and will cease deliveries to a customer’s home until the danger is fixed.

Dog-related incidents are also reported to relevant local councils to ensure appropriate enforcement actions are taken.

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