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Ulverstone set for major growth with new 189-lot subdivision proposed for vacant land next to Bass Highway

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Image / Ulverstone Rise

A coastal town in Tasmania’s north-west could soon get a whole lot bigger with plans for a subdivision containing almost 200 lots made public.

The development application which proposes creating a 189-lot subdivision between the Bass Highway, Main Street and Trevor Street in Ulverstone is currently being advertised by the Central Coast Council.


The ‘Ulverstone Rise’ project will be completed over 10 stages so lots can be “released to the market in an orderly manner” and is estimated to take around a decade to complete.

“Lots range in size, however are generally between 465m2 and 2754m2. All lots provide direct frontage to new roads within the development,” the application reads.

Plans for the 189-lot subdivision. Image / Supplied via Pulse

“The subdivision will connect to Trevor Street in the north and Main Street in the east.”

“The subdivision forms part of an overall masterplan to see land in the southern part of Ulverstone developed.”

Predicted traffic noise with designed noise wall along the boundary with the road reserve. Image / Supplied

The final subdivision will include a noise wall to mitigate sound coming from the thousands of vehicles that use the Bass Highway daily.

The developers are hopeful a planning permit will be granted by the council in the coming months.


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