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Water restrictions likely for Launceston, Orford and Triabunna after ‘unusually hot’ summer

Pulse Tasmania
Water Tap. Image / Stock

An “unusually hot, dry summer” is impacting water supply levels in some areas of the state, with tough measures likely to be implemented to avoid the taps running completely dry.

Households and businesses in Launceston and parts of the East Coast are being asked to be conservative with how they use their water over March and April, TasWater’s Callan Paske said.


“Rainfall is low across the state, but in most areas supply is keeping up with demand,” he said.

“But if these warm, dry conditions continue, water restrictions may be required in Launceston by April,” he said.

Orford, Tasmania. Image / Pulse

“We are asking customers in the north to consider cutting back on non-essential water usage to help in the short-term, but without rain, restrictions are still likely to be required.”

The situation is more dire on the East Coast, with both Orford and Triabunna feeling the impact of low supply following record-low February rainfall in the Spring Bay area.

Water restrictions could be implemented in some areas by Easter. Image / Stock

“Restrictions are more likely for these two towns and may be needed prior to Easter,” Paske said.

“As river and dam levels drop, we need customers to be mindful of their use to help make sure there’s enough water to go around without risking harm to our waterways by taking too much.”


While other parts of the state are also warm and dry, the company is optimistic that supply can be maintained.

“We have seen low levels in Lady Barron and Bridport, but we’ve kept those communities updated and so far, the need for restrictions has been avoided,” Paske said.

“The good news is that people can be reassured these shortages don’t impact the quality of the water we produce, it’s still 100% safe to drink.”

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