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Young boy caught after sneaking onto Jetstar flight at Hobart Airport without ticket

Pulse Tasmania
A Jetstar plane at Hobart Airport. Image / Pulse (Stock)

An investigation is underway after a teenage boy managed to sneak onto a Jetstar flight from Hobart to Melbourne without a boarding pass on Thursday evening.

Police exclusively told Pulse the young boy ‘ran away from his carer’ at Hobart Airport around 6pm yesterday.


He then allegedly slipped though the terminal gate, walked onto the tarmac and made his way onto Jetstar flight JQ708 to Melbourne.

The boy’s plan quickly unravelled once onboard, where he was found to be sitting in somebody else’s assigned seat.

A Jetstar plane at Hobart Airport. Image / Pulse (Stock)

“During pre-departure checks our cabin crew identified the boy and he was disembarked prior to departure and later reunited with his carer,” A Jetstar spokesperson told Pulse.

“We’re investigating how the boy avoided our gate staff checking tickets. He had earlier cleared Hobart Airport security screening procedures.”

Tasmania Police officersat Hobart Airport. Image / Pulse (Stock)

One passenger said the only reason the boy was caught was because it was a “full flight”, questioning how the airline could allow such a mistake to happen.

“Nobody could understand how he did it,” she said.


Tasmania Police were called to the airport following the incident and “provided advice”.

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