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Govt’s questions on $2.3 billion Hobart waterfront redevelopment, stadium plan

Picture of Pulse Tasmania
'Mac Point 2.0' Hobart stadium design. Image / SolutionsWon

The Tasmanian Government is demanding more details on an alternative stadium proposed by a former Premier and top architect for Macquarie Point.

The state government has given the Stadia Precinct Consortia until February 5, 2024, to answer five key questions related to the stadium’s design and its accompanying facilities.


The concerns include the source of funding for the project, ownership and operation of the venue, environmental impact, cultural aspects and how the project will enrich the state’s capital.

“The Tasmanian Government has agreed to defer consideration of any other approaches around an alternative stadium until it has received our response,” Stadia Precinct Consortia Managing Director Dean Coleman said.

‘Mac Point 2.0’ Hobart stadium design unveiled by former Premier. Image / SolutionsWon

“We understand, that as with any substantial commercial development, the Tasmanian Government has concerns it could be exposed to financial risk and the Stadia Precinct Consortia is prepared to work closely with all stakeholders to allay those concerns.”

Stadia Precinct Consortia say they are ‘confident’ they have covered all concerns from multiple stakeholders.

‘Mac Point 2.0’ Hobart stadium design unveiled by former Premier. Image / SolutionsWon

“At this stage, we feel we have sufficiently addressed government concerns on a range of issues, including the impact of stadium height on Hunter Street, the TSO and the Cenotaph; and the operational financials and we await the government’s public release of their responses to stakeholders on these same issues,” Coleman said.

“Importantly, we all agree that the priority and focus remain on developing a multi-purpose stadium at Macquarie Point as a condition of the establishment of Tasmanian AFL and AFLW teams.”


The proposal for the $2.3 billion urban redevelopment project on Hobart’s waterfront, which includes the stadium, was initially met with enthusiasm by the Public Accounts Committee at Parliament House on Friday but was later rejected by the government.

“The size and complexity of the Regatta Point proposal could expose the Tasmanian government to a range of significant risks, and does not include sufficient detail on a range of critical matters,” Premier Jeremy Rockliff said.

“As a result, the government is unable to support the proposal at this time.”

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