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Photographer Gill Dayton braves -10.8°C temperatures to capture Liawenee on coldest day of the year

Picture of Pulse Tasmania
Temperatures dropped to -10.8°C in Tasmania’s Liawenee on Tuesday, on what was the coldest morning of the year. Image / Tassie Apple Spice (Gill Dayton)

A photographer has captured the stunning beauty of Tasmania’s Central Highlands blanketed in a thick layer of frost as temperatures plummeted to a bone-chilling -10.8C.

Gill Dayton, who goes by the social media handle Tassie Apple Spice, braved the sub-zero conditions on Tuesday morning to capture the icy wonderland.


“A wee bit chilly this morning,” she said.

“The Central Highlands looked so beautiful, frost clinging to all surfaces, trees appearing like they had white sparkly blossoms.”

“Lakes frozen over, swans finding melted patches in between, fog bows, a glittering white landscape.”

Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) data confirmed Liawenee recorded the state’s coldest temperature overnight, followed closely by Fingal at -6.4°C, Cressy at -5°C, Bushy Park at -4.9°C and Ouse at -4.5°C.

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