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Rebecca White challenges Rockliff’s confidence in Tasmanian election outcome

Pulse Tasmania
Image / ABC TV

Labor Leader Rebecca White has hit out at Liberal Leader Jeremy Rockliff for claiming an early win in the Tasmanian state election.

Speaking minutes after Rockliff at the Hotel Grand Chancellor in Hobart on Saturday night, White said it was clear the community had rejected the past and was looking for change.


“There are still votes to be counted but what is clear is the Liberal Party will not be getting a majority,” she said.

“Tasmanians have humbled a Premier who called an early election, expecting to be returned in majority.”

“Tasmanians have clearly voted for change and when the Liberals called this early election, the second in three years, they called it not because they wanted to address the cost of living, not because they wanted to start turning around our health system, not because they wanted to give young people hope that they might one day own their own home but because they couldn’t even work with people from their own party.”

She said “humble people” don’t speak of a coalition of chaos when they don’t get their own way, or claim a victory when the results aren’t clear.

“The final make-up of this parliament will not be known for some time but it is clear that Jeremy Rockliff will not be in a position to do so without the support of at least four members of the cross bench,” she said.

“Tonight’s result demonstrates there has been a significant shift in the way politics operates in Tasmania and we can expect to see this happen again and again.”


“It is very likely that Tasmania will continue to elect minority governments particularly with a 35 seat parliament. It is also clear that people voted to change this election.”

“We will wait to see how the dust settles and for the final results to be determined.”

“Labor will be ready to work with the Parliament to implement our agenda and our plan for a better future for Tasmania if that is the will of the people.”

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