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Special task force launched on eastern shore to tackle young criminals

Pulse Tasmania
Rosny Bus Mall. Image / Pulse

A new police task force has been launched to address the rising issue of youth crime on Hobart’s Eastern Shore.

The task force, which includes uniformed and plain-clothes officers, will focus on shopping centres, bus malls and other public spaces during the Christmas period.


Inspector Andrew Keane hopes the taskforce will deal with a small group of repeat youth offenders who are often the ones behind shoplifting and anti-social incidents.

“Police will not tolerate anti-social and illegal behaviours, nor will we tolerate the propensity of some youth offenders to use violence when confronted by retail staff – retailers have the right to come to work without worrying about being threatened.”

A thrown brick smashes a bus stop window in the Rosny Bus Mall. Image / Pulse

“We know that traditional policing methods of arresting and charging youths will not work in isolation.”

“While the Taskforce will be taking a strict approach to repeat offenders, they will also be working in partnership with partner agencies and key shopping precincts to engage with young offenders and divert them away from the criminal justice system and further offending.”

Members of the Taskforce. Image / Supplied

He said everyone has the right to feel and be safe in our community and believes the taskforce will help with that.

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