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Tasmania records -12.9°C as Liawenee breaks July cold record

Picture of Pulse Tasmania
Temperatures in Liawenee hit freezing -12.9°C, breaking July record. Image / Irna Irwandi

Tasmania has shivered through another freezing morning, with Liawenee setting a new record for its coldest July day at -12.9°C.

The below-freezing temperatures in the Central Highlands area beat the previous July record set in 2013, when a temperature of -12.2°C was recorded.


However, it still falls short of the overall coldest day record of -14.2°C set in August 2020.

Just yesterday, Liawenee recorded what was then the coldest day of the year at a slightly warmer -10.8°C.

The -12.9°C temperature makes Liawenee the second-coldest place in the country this year, with Thredbo Village in New South Wales recording -13.0°C on Tuesday.

Temperatures dropped to -10.8°C in Liawenee on Tuesday, on what was then the coldest morning of the year. Image / Tassie Apple Spice (Gill Dayton)

The icy conditions have caused widespread frost, snow and frozen lakes across the state, with the Bureau of Meteorology saying it was a “very cold” morning that even had frost “visible on the satellite”.

Other Tasmanian locations that dropped below zero on Wednesday included Cressy at -4.4°C, Launceston Airport at -3.6°C and Wynyard at -3.2°C.

The City of Hobart has closed the road to the summit of kunanyi/Mount Wellington at The Springs after ice and snow made it unsafe for vehicles.


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