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Campbell Town fountain 'completely freezes over' in icy-cold Tasmanian weather

Picture of Pulse Tasmania
The frozen fountain in Campbell Town. Image / John Chandler

A frozen fountain has become the latest attraction in the Northern Midlands town of Campbell Town this weekend, as icy-cold weather continues to grip Tasmania.

Jon Chandler shared photos with Pulse showing the fountain, which sits alongside the Midland Highway, completely frozen solid with icicles dangling from its edges.


“Fountain was running. [My 12-year-old son] Miles could stand on the surface without going through on one side,” he said.

Freezing conditions left a thick layer of ice and frost across the state this morning, with temperatures plummeting to -5.3°C in nearby Fingal, with Launceston Airport and Cressy both dipping to -4.5°C.

The frozen fountain in Campbell Town. Image / John Chandler

The frozen fountain follows the recent closure of the Great Lake Hotel in the Central Highlands due to damage caused by frozen pipes, heavy frost and the coldest temperature recorded in Australia this year.

Record lows of -13.5°C were measured at Liawenee in the Central Highlands on Thursday.

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