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Residents take cover as another 'hail bomb' buckets down across Launceston, Midlands and Scottsdale

Picture of Pulse Tasmania
Longford in Tasmania's Northern Midlands around 11am on Wednesday. Image / Mark Shelton

Another ‘hail bomb’ has come down on parts of Tasmania’s north, with thousands taking cover as pellets of ice bucketed from the sky.

The hail was seen around the Northern Midlands (Longford pictured), Launceston and north-east areas on Wednesday morning.


Locals say it all ‘happened very quickly’, with roads made slippery and car windows covered.

Several lightning strikes were also recorded in the north-east region, which caused power outages in some areas.

Hail on the Bass Highway near Deloraine. Image / Pulse (Stephen Kettle)

TasNetworks say they are working hard to restore power to around 200 affected properties in areas including Longford and Scottsdale.

Tasmania Police are urging people to take care while driving, to slow down and to turn their headlights on.

Longford in Tasmania’s Northern Midlands around 11am on Wednesday. Image / Mark Shelton

“A thunderstorm is developing, with hail and ice affecting the roads,” police said.

“Pay attention [and] be alert for icy and slippery roads.”


The latest storm comes after parts of Tasmania’s north-west were battered by hail and lightning overnight.

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