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July 3, 2024

The state government believes a cable car is a possible 'sustainable transport solution'
Police are looking for information on an orange SUV that was seen in the area at the time
The 'Ulverstone Rise' project will be built between the Bass Highway, Main Street and Trevor Street
Since starting in 2018, 'Saturate' has charged 980 people with 12,523 offences
'We are an isolated island state and we have an ageing population'
The house contained asbestos, rendering the family's belongings unusable
It beat the previous record set in 2013, when a temp of -12.2°C was recorded
The young man allegedly shot and killed the protected Australian fur seal
'The stadium will be incredible for the Devils, other major events and concerts'
Live JackJumpers games and Masterchef could be removed from our free-to-air screens