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Tasmania's Liawenee hits -13.5°C: Australia's coldest temperature of the year

Picture of Pulse Tasmania
Liawenee on Tuesday. Image / Tassie Apple Spice (Gill Dayton)

Liawenee has set a new record low temperature for the third consecutive day, with -13.5°C recorded just before 5am on Thursday.

The temperature, now the coldest ever recorded in the area in July, follows on from -12.9°C yesterday and -10.8°C the day before.


-13.5°C is the lowest temperature recorded in Australia this year, surpassing the -13°C set earlier in the week at Thredbo Village in New South Wales.

Other parts of the state also dropped into the negatives overnight, with the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) reporting freezing temperatures in Cressy at -5.5°C, Fingal at -4.4°C and Launceston Airport at -3.7°C.

Brooke Pagel from the BOM said the cool temperatures and frosty mornings are being caused by a “very cold and dry air mass”.

Temperatures dropped to -10.8°C in Liawenee on Tuesday. Image / Tassie Apple Spice (Gill Dayton)

“Combined with clear skies and calm winds beneath the strengthening high pressure system, [this is] causing those temperatures to plummet,” she said.

The local Great Lake Hotel in nearby Miena on Wednesday said the freezing weather was causing “some issues with water and pipes” and had to close for the day.

Parks and Wildlife are also warning of “many water sources freezing” at Cradle Mountain and are asking walkers to consider delaying their trips until conditions improve.


“This includes the water to toilets and water filling station making them unusable. If you are traveling to the area, please bring your own water,” PWS said.

“These conditions have also created icy and slippery roads and walking tracks. Slips and falls have been reported.”

“Visitors are asked to take care when traveling or walking in these conditions.”

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