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Police arrested a NSW man over the incident, alleging his actions led to the anti-social behaviour
Ash Good's 9-month-old daughter sustained critical injuries after being stabbed
State Growth say vehicles parked in the clearway or no stopping zone next week "will be towed"
The man was seen driving erratically in-front of police officers
Two police officers were allegedly assaulted in the incident
It's not yet known how the fire started
The Glenorchy man was arrested after reports he was acting in a "suspicious and erratic matter"
Crews arrived early this morning to find the house burning and the occupants waiting outside
'JLN MPs will behave like adults and work to benefit all Tasmanians'
The high-speed crash claimed the life of a 19-year-old passenger

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Several traffic lights in the Hobart CBD have been knocked out as a result
Blue Derby Wild have lost their appeal to stop the controversial logging
The court ruling has allowed Tasracing to enforce bans once again
David O'Byrne hasn't signed a confidence and supply agreement with the Liberals just yet
Meow Meals will supply struggling pet owners with cat food - 'no questions asked'
'Out-of-this-world' dishes and the 'biggest ever' nude swim are some of the items on the Mofo lineup
St Lukes were the only Tasmanian organisation to win at the Roy Morgan awards
"This disrespectful and deplorable act is unacceptable"

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